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Intro To Video Production 4 Teens

I have rules - Rule #1: This class will be fun!

3 Week (2x/week) Commitment

Learn the basics of video production in a hands-on environment designed specifically for teens!

Class 1: Introduction to Video Production

    •    Overview of video production

    •    The different types of videos

    •    Key elements of a successful video production

    •    Overview of the video production process


Class 2: Pre-Production Planning

    •    Defining the purpose and target audience

    •    Scriptwriting, storyboarding & planning

    •    Selecting equipment and setting up a shoot

    •    Planning lighting, audio, and camera angles

Class 3: Camera Techniques


    •    Camera types and functions

    •    How to use a camera to capture high-quality footage

    •    Camera movements, including panning, tilting, and zooming

    •    Understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO


Class 4: Lighting and Audio Techniques

    •    Lighting types and how to use them effectively

    •    Setting up lighting for indoor and outdoor shoots

    •    The importance of audio in video production

    •    Recording and mixing audio for video


Class 5: Post-Production Editing

    •    Overview of the video editing process

    •    Choosing an editing software and setting up a project

    •    Importing and organizing footage

    •    Basic editing techniques, including trimming, cutting, and adding transitions and effects

Class 6: Exporting & Sharing

    •    Exporting and sharing the final video/s.

Behind the Scenes
Self Video Recording
Video Editing Station
Working with laptops

These classes will provide a comprehensive overview of the video production process and give students hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used in the industry.

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